Ultrasonic Testing


SWA offers ultrasonic testing in Perth, WA and offshore locations

Ultrasonic Flaw Testing Perth

Ultrasonics use high-frequency sound waves to detect imperfections in metal materials and changes in the materials qualities that could lead to difficulties or failure of the component undergoing testing.

Key features

  • Preventing failures that occur from flawed parts making it into assemblies without prior inspection.
  • Compliance to fabrication construction codes.
  • NATA accredited testing facility
  • Suitable for testing near surface defects in ferromagnetic materials.
  • Remote testing of welds and structure.
  • Testing of Gears and machined components.

Ultrasonic Testing (UT Testing)

Ultrasonic testing is one of the most common methods for the non-destructive inspection of materials. Ultrasonic testing uses vibrations, in the form of ultrasonic waves, to search for internal discontinuities.

Ultrasonic Weld Testing

Weld testing is one of the main applications of ultrasonic testing (UWT). Using ultrasonic flaw detectors, NDT technicians find and characterize discontinuities within the weld that may lead to material or component failure.

Ultrasonic weld testing (UWT) is part of weld quality control and is crucial for ensuring safety in a wide range of industries due to its suitability for many different materials.

UT Testing is ideally used for inspection of dense, crystalline structures such as metals. Ceramics, plastics, composites and concrete can also be successfully inspected but with reduced resolution, since the attenuation in these materials is higher.

Ultrasonic Testing can be a crucial tool to mitigate against cracking in pressurised vessels, rail tracks, mechanical components, aerospace and piping.

Ultrasonic Testing in Perth, WA

Ultrasonic flaw testing technology has been successfully employed in the medical sector for many decades, and is increasingly the preferred option for both routine diagnostic imaging and medical research because of the absence of ionising radiation.

At present, we are working on a range of projects for various industries in Perth, WA and offshore. Our comprehensive ultrasonic testing and inspection services are available to help these businesses succeed.

Ultrasonic Testing Perth