Proof Loading / Pull Test


SWA offers proof load testing of lifting equipment and pull testing on anchor/ lifting points in Perth, WA & offshore locations

Proof Load Testing Perth

What is Proof Load Testing?

Proof load testing involves applying a load to a structure, crane or item of equipment beyond its working load limit (WLL).

Proof loading demonstrates the fitness of that structure, crane or equipment. Such tests may be required upon manufacture, as part of a thorough examination, after an alteration or incident and/or required by legislation.

Proof loading ensures that a lifting item works correctly and safely through its full cycle of operation. It verifies that there are no material or welding flaws, or other fundamental mechanical defects. It is ideal for these tests to be performed after a thorough examination has been performed to ensure it is safe to go past WLL.

Proof load testing is usually expressed as a percentage of the WLL that equipment is designed to withstand. It does not compromise equipment because even when you test beyond rated capacity.

Key features

  • Preventing failures that occur from flawed parts making it into assemblies without prior inspection.
  • Compliance to fabrication construction codes.
  • NATA accredited testing facility
  • Suitable for testing near surface defects in ferromagnetic materials.
  • Remote testing of welds and structure.
  • Testing of Gears and machined components.

Anchor Pull Test/ Pad Eye Testing

Pull testing is a crucial part of any lifting equipment campaign. Pad eyes, or lifting lugs, are attached to a wide range of products and structures and are typically attached by weld’s or bolt’s. They are used primarily for lifting or tie-down applications.

Pad eye failure can result in an unexpected drop of a load resulting in damage to plant, equipment or personnel. Pull Testing is performed to ensure that the pad eyes are securely fastened and that the pad eye can still hold the weight they were designed for.

Pad Eye Testing and Compliance

NDT of Pad Eye Testing

SWA Inspection Services are also able to perform pre and post-NDT to ensure there was no cracking prior to the pull testing and none have appeared after the additional force. Both proof load testing certificates and NATA NDT reports will be supplied on completion of all pull tests.